Prove Yourself

Prove Yourself
by Joel Howard

Abba Father
Prove Yourself
Like no other
Prove Yourself

On behalf of meekness
On behalf of truth
Let us see it
See now You!

Have Your way
In this place
Prove Your love
Prove Your grace

Make known now
Do again
What You have done
Come befriend

Hear the cries 
Of victims and
See their prayer
Hear again

All who bowed down
Lift them up
Prove Your unfailing
Undying love

Prove Yourself
God, come do
What You alone
Promise to

Save the humble
When he prays
Save the meek
When she stays

When we wait
Hear our cry
You who reign
Above the skies

Create in this hour
Create in this place
Create Your fame
Glorify Your name

And grant 
That as I wait
Grant me here
A place

To be with You
Lord, on Your team
Use me
Make me clean

Make me a vessel
My heart, Your home
Weak and lowly
But God, I'm Yours!

Prove Yourself
God come do
What here alone
Only You can do

Rend the heavens
God, come down
Let Your glory
Shine around
Let Your glory
Come now

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