How you finish

How you finish
by Joel Howard

Not how you start
But how you finish

Not how you begin
But if you win it

Love not this world
Not what they love
Cling now to Jesus
He is enough

Faint not for weakness
Rest, soul in him

Bask in his presence
Come away again

Reset, encourage
Yourself in God

His way is flawless
Ours is not
His way always
Forget it not

Listen to Jesus
His voice paramount

Cling to your weakness
And shout about

Most of our sins
Happen when

We try to hide
That same sin
We run, ashamed
Worsen again

Can't find the truth?
Remember, then

Pace is of utmost
Importance, my friend

Cling to your weakness
Don't try to win

Only in dying
Will you and I live
Come to the secret
Friend, rest in him

That's how you finish
Live from within

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