While Israel Groaned

While Israel Groaned
by Joel Howard
see 1 Samuel 9

While Israel Groaned
Saul's father lost his donkeys
And Samuel was planning
"Set aside the best portion" 
"Of all those invited
Set aside the best seat
At the table"
While Israel Groaned
The LORD was talking
"A Benjamite is coming" 
Saul's father's donkeys
Saul went a - looking
Couldn't find them
Those three donkeys
Saul expected the meager
God planned the greater
Samuel went down after
Spoke of great laughter
Great gain, great fortune
God would use Saul
To "restrain" the people Israel
"How can this be?
Why these words which 
You are saying?"
"My father's house is 
The smallest 
The weakest"
But while Israel groaned
God was working
Looking for three donkeys
Saul found many things
He would be the first king
Over Israel
That is no small thing!
When you are groaning
Know God's working
When you are missing
Missing something
It could be God leading
You to great things! 
Stop looking for donkeys
God's got the keys!
Are we listening?
In all we are "lacking"
God could be giving!!

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