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Identity and Intimacy: a 40-day journey through song to discovering who you are and who knows you

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Who am I? Who knows me? These are pivotal questions everyone encounters regularly in life, regardless of their age. In Identity and Intimacy, songwriter and poet Joel Howard, takes you through 40 of his songs exploring these very questions. Each day you will have a song to listen to, a corresponding scripture passage to read, and space to write and express your discoveries. 

Joel's first interactive devotional book, which is available in eBook, paperback and hardcopy formats, Identity & Intimacy: a 40-day journey through song to discovering who you are and who knows you, will be a wonderful resource for yourself, a small group, or church / organization.

Here is what some people are saying about Identity and Intimacy by Joel Howard:

Personal identity is the battleground of our generation. Culture will give you labels, but only Father can give you identity. Joel Howard has given you a gift to help you-- and the next generation-- find your true identity. No one says it better.

- Fred A. Hartley III, Lead Pastor, One Mission Church; President, College of Prayer

Understanding who we were created by, who we were created for, and what we were created to do are some of life's biggest questions. Each of these questions point to our identity, and it’s only in the presence of God our Father that those questions can truly be answered. Joel's songs help readers discover both intimacy with the Father and, through that intimacy, discover our true identity. In a world where there is a full out assault on identity, Joel's work provides a quiet place of reflection and truth.

- Jon Mitchell, Growth Director, College of Prayer International

Soul work is hard work. Joel has, and continues to energetically pursue Jesus’ transformation of his life from the inside out. His journey yields wisdom we all need to hear.

- Nate Howard, Superintendent, EPA District, C&MA

God doesn’t have favorites – he has intimates. When he is wanting to do something, he comes to those who take the time to grow in an intimate relationship with him. He shares his heart with them. Intimacy is having a personal connection with the Lord.

​​​​​​​- Basil Watson, Pastor, Vineland First Wesleyan Church

God is seeking out those who worship in Spirit and Truth. Joel blazes the trail through lyric and song to lead those who are thirsty into deeper intimacy with Him.

- Chris Pulice, Church Planting Coordinator, Church Development Network

Right now, we are in an identity crisis and the culture seeks to solve it by their own broken and sinful ways. There are core questions in our soul to find our identity and purpose that can be found only in God - questions like: “What is God like?” and “Am I loved by Him?"

This book provides timeless truths to answer and satisfy the ache in our soul to love and be loved by God in all the seasons of our walk with Him.

- Heba Taylor, International House of Prayer, Kansas City, MO, USA

I have been in the music industry for over two decades working in radio, as a talent scout and as a music promoter. I have been following the music and ministry of Joel Howard since day one and can honestly say that Joel is the real deal. He is not only a fantastic musician, but also an incredible storyteller and songwriter as well. His love for God and passion for serving Him is evident in everything Joel puts his hands and mind to. This new project is absolutely amazing and I truly believe that anyone who takes the time to read the devotions and listen to the songs will not only be encouraged and blessed, but also strengthened in their faith.

- Tim Ewing, Kindred Ministries and Kindred Awards Founder

As I read the pages of this book, I found myself deep in the embrace of the Father. Within these 40 days, Joel Howard takes us on a journey into the Father's heart and it is there that we find our true identity. 

- Fred Hartley IV, Associate Pastor, One Mission Church, Atlanta, GA

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More about Joel Howard:

Joel Howard lives with his wife and children in New Jersey, USA, where he works as a teacher.  He has led worship alongside his wife, Sophia, for years and enjoys teaching his children to love God.  A published author, singer and artist, Joel features poetry and new songs regularly at

Now more than ever, we all need vocabulary and permission to talk about the hard things in life with pandemic, war and human rage as every day occurrences for us. Joel’s poetry targets that need and helps others express their own hurt, pain and joy in prayers and reflections for life.

Joel’s books include: Prayers: Anthology of Poetry, 2019, School of Suffering, The Prodigal Chronicles, SIGNIFICANTS: Anthology of Poetry: 2020-2021, and Be a Tree. In addition to writing poetry, Joel has released over 350 songs which are available at his website. He has also released two full length studio albums, Here’s to the Journey (2010) and Shepherd Songs (2021) which are available wherever music is sold.

Joel and his wife, Sophia, are writers for HOPE, Houses of Prayer Everywhere, which is a ministry of the College of Prayer International.  For more visit

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