Father and be fathered

Father and be fathered
by Joel Howard

I woke up
With a whisper from You:
"Father and be fathered"

It's funny - I understand:
Be filled up
Then give again

Find a home
Than lend a hand

Grasp a thought
Then pour it out

So I fly to You my King
To You, Father
I now cling

To all you are
And all you have
That I might be
That I might give

Lest I cling to those
Who ought to be
Fathered by 
none but me

Lest I throw my burdens on
Ones whose weight
I to carry ought

Make me pleasantly surprised
At You, Creator
You, whose eyes
Carry me through troubles deep
Grant me wisdom
Grant me sleep
Fill me now another day
That I might turn to give again

Grace for 'morrow
Help for 'ere
As I father, be my fatherer
Release me well-fed
Into harvest fields

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