In You (original) by Joel Howard

I have set my heart on a journey To find the one my heart loves To meet Him face to face His name is written on my heart And I am His and He is mine Now and for all time I have died and now my life is found in You In You, Lord! I find my life in You, Lord! My destiny and my reward Is to go my way with You Through highest mountains and fiercest storms Through richest seasons of blessing, Lord My life is hidden in You! I am contending for the fullness The things hidden before time My life in Christ He has completely stolen my heart And I've lost the cravings I once had For anything less I will go my way Leaning from strength to strength The valleys are filled will pools As Your rain falls The autumn rains fall Copyright 2004-22 by Joel Howard, All rights reserved. Studio version featured on "Here's to the Journey", an album by Joel Howard which was released in 2010 and is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. Please visit where Joel has featured hundreds of songs, poems and artwork to bless your journey with God!

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