Be a Tree [Official Read-Aloud] by Joel Howard

Joel's 5th book and first picture book, Be a Tree: A Journey From Start to Finish was inspired by his 2019 poem by the same title.  The book's full color photography and rich poetic verse work together to bring out the message that life is a journey worth living, no matter your age. A great table top piece, children's book or inspirational gift, this short book will inspire people of all ages and from whatever background to continue on in their journey.   Joel Howard lives with his wife and children in New Jersey, USA, where he works as a teacher.  He has led worship alongside his wife, Sophia, for years and enjoys teaching his children to love God.  A published author, singer and artist, Joel features poetry and new songs regularly at Now more than ever, we all need vocabulary and permission to talk about the hard things in life with pandemic, war and human rage as every day occurrences for us. Joel’s poetry targets that need and helps others express their own hurt, pain and joy in prayers and reflections for life. Joel’s books include: Prayers: Anthology of Poetry, 2019, School of Suffering, The Prodigal Chronicles, and SIGNIFICANTS: Anthology of Poetry: 2020-2021. In addition to writing poetry, Joel has released over 350 songs which are available at his website. He has also released two full length studio albums, Here’s to the Journey (2010) and Shepherd Songs (2021) which are available wherever music is sold. Joel and his wife, Sophia, are writers for HOPE, Houses of Prayer Everywhere, which is a ministry of the College of Prayer International.  For more visit Visit to buy Be a Tree or any other of Joel's books today!

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