But I am prayer

But I am prayer
by Joel Howard
see Psalm 109:4b

Intimacy with God
Is who I am 
Not what I do
I live Lord to be 
With you

Fancy attempts
Against me 
Are bent
But I live to be
With you

Evil words
Are me towards
But I here will stay
With you

Far be it 
From me
To do anything
Lord without checking
With you

Take care of me
God, I now plead
God, I believe
In you

Have now your way
Here I will stay
Living always
With you

Home is a place
With you remain
24 - 7 
With you

Can I explain
This other ways?
Prayer is what
I'm into

It's not a trait
It is my Way
You are my Way
Its true

If we are what we do
And become 
Like those who
We spend time with
Then I - 
With you

If giving ourselves
To what we love
Beholding, become
I - you

You are my place
My tower, I race
Father to stay 
With you

I am prayer
I live to be there
Before I swear
To be

This one thing seek
With you to be
I stay 
With you

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