Play my part

Play my part
by Joel Howard

I just need to do my part
get myself ready
play my part

I dreamed lust and adultery 
condemned this world
the stars grew dim

I just need to obey Him

I played my part
I dressed my role
I treated the church
as Jesus' bride

She's not for me
I'll treat her properly

Father help me 
to obey You
to only do my part

And I can make an impact
I can leave a mark
by exampling You
as I play my part

Help me Father

I can impress my church
I can impress the world

Exampling Christ

As I love
as I excellently 
play my part
do my role
play my part. 

All as if unto You
raise the standard
by being me

Who You've made me to be

By exampling You
I can be the best me

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