Found standing

Found standing
by Joel Howard

Still standing
May I be found
When others
Fall to the ground

Built to last
May I
Rise up
While others subside

Grant me grace
O my God
To still stand
When most are not

I ask, seek and pray
Let our love never go away
And the children you gave
Me to raise
Let them stand
Forever and a day

Be our escape
When the earth quakes

Be what evades
Us from the flame

Be to us rock
We can hide in

When the wick of most 
Grows worn and dim

May our love for you
Be bright and true

When cowardice floods
The night, the roads
May courage be mine
Courage to hold

Onto the truth
Onto the right
Courage to stand
Courage to fight

May my son and daughters
And all who look here
Find a home that is growing
A home who you fears

May I stand
To the end
May I stand
I ask, again

May I stand
God this grant
Hold my hand
To the end
Hold my hand
Faithful Friend

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