by Joel Howard
see psalm 51, psalm 22, 2 cor 12

If we are sheep
We bleat
Sheep bleat

If we are weak
We are weak
We are weak

Who lied to us along the way?
Who told us to prefer strength?
God, I hear you say
Grieving is ok

If we are sheep
We need
We're needy

If we cry
We cry
Or we die

Grief, lament
Sighing, crying
Weakness, constant
Are given, I fear

Why not cry to him
Why not fly to him?
Daily to him?

He does not despise 
He will not despise
He does not abhor
He will not abhor

And a broken and contrite spirit
He has never
No never
No never despised

Not yet
So he will not reject my weakness

Pour out your hearts to him
For after all, 
Sheep bleat

Now that's a promise
You can't beat!

His strength makes your weakness
Perfectly complete!

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