Able to delete

Able to delete
by Joel Howard

You're able to delete
Able to forgive
You are my Father
And though I sin
Deep in your eyes
Deep in your heart
You're able to forgive
That's who You are!

Ever since I remember
Ever since I see
You intend to forgive
Sinners like me

Today as I saw 
The face of my son
I felt it in my heart
The ability to love

The ability to free
From guilt and from debt
The ability to forgive, delete and forget

There's no desire in me
To hold over him a grudge
He is my beloved
My one and only son

So with you Jesus
So with you God
The disposition of
Your heart is to love

To ask what we need
And openly to give
You're able to delete
Again and again

You call us from our sin
And help us when
We open up our heart
Your power comes in!

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