Why we cry

Why we cry
by Joel Howard

Why lament?
Why cry?
Why act as if
Life has died?

Why weep?
Where to go?
Have we not
A healer, though?

Why, these tears indicate
How we each have gone astray!

Can't sleep?
Our tears tell me
Something isn't fair
Something isn't right
We each have sinned
Sinned tonight

Cry out
Get loud
O that God
Would turn us around!

Must he change?
No, it is we
I am the one
Who must become willing

Why should we cry?
Why lament employ?
Look at the world!
Do you not see the depth of her wound?

Multitudes, multitudes
are deciding
That is why, my friend, 
We are crying

Think we ought laugh
When the wound is this bad?
Think, O think again, my friend
On your knees, bend

Pray while things can change
Pray while things can be rearranged
Pray and make things right today
Jesus Christ, the only Way

Get deep, get deep I say
How do we get 
Deeper inside?

That, my friend
Is why we cry

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