Shadow casting

Shadow casting
by Joel Howard

What type of shadow am I casting?
What kind of legacy am I leaving?
When I go how will my kids see me?
What type of shadow am I casting?

Will it be fleeting?
Will my flesh be harming?
Will my friends see faithful?
Or will my integrity be faulty?

What type of shadow am I offering?
To those who near me need resting?
To my wife and sheep below me
What manner of rest am I exampling?

Where are birds in need of respite?
Are they at my house there resting?
Are those who need infilling
Coming near to find some?

Is my shadow neediness
Due to lack of personal rest?
Is my legacy fruit
Due to being filled with You?

Find me in your shadow
For Father, there I'm meadowed
Calm, collected, safe here
You disarm all my fears

Jesus, let me hide here
In the wounds where I'm dear
Spirit, let me know that
You interpret silence

You calm all my tear'd hands
Shaking with uselessness
You "Friend" call me and then
You beside me hug, again

This my shadow
Only that which I've received
This the shadow
From me

As Lord you do to me
So I offer, truly
As Lord you give to me
So I've gifts, truly

Until then, come to me
Be my shadow, truly
Then and only then
Will I give again

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