Our waiting is measured

Our waiting is measured
by Joel Howard

I was praying today and saw a picture of the watch of God. He held me as he spoke to me of his timing. He pointed to his timing as if to say: 

My waiting
It's measured
Your timing
Your pleasure
Undivided from your timing
Is your love and my refining

Cancel my doubt
When I admit
I can't see
I can't see yet

Our waiting is measured
So was Jonah's
3 days
So was Esther's
For such a time as this
2 years in prison
2 whole years

Jesus waited 40 days in the desert
Noah 40 days on the boat
And God measured the dimensions
So that ark would float
Israel 40 years in the desert

Isaac waited on the altar
Until his daddy withdrew his hand
Abraham had to raise it
Until you stayed his hand

Satan has to wait
Until he sees the King
To permit him 
To carry out each of his schemes
So as with Job
So as with me
Satan simply can't 
Without God seeing

It's better to wait
Than rush ahead
Waiting is God's
Preferred command
Waiting, God's go-to command

Hard? You know it
Psalm 42 shows it
"All your waves and breakers
Have swept over me"
So David's deep
To the deep of He
Who swallows our pride
In rivers free

I understand
You may too
Our pain 
Brings sin unglued
Cuts like a sword
O my word!
No, God says
It's My Word

He prunes those he loves
He sees, unlike us, 
from above

I want to tell more
So we don't forget:

The bride in Song of Solomon
Danced and waited
Seasons long
Stayed in bed
When He invited
Then grieved in bed
Once delighted
Now afraid

Lovesick, she
Lovesick, we
Must up and search
Go find our King

Hides he for sin?
Hides he for shame?
No, he don't 
And I say it again
God does not hide
His beautiful face
To get us caught
To rid of our face

Mystery: we
Angels long to see

The cumulative advice
Of Job's 3 friends
and ours the same
Won't ever contend

The foolishness of God
Is stronger than
The wisdom of men
The weakness of God
The strength of them
Romans implores us 
Not to withhold love when
We can't see
And thus faithless be
Leading to evils eternally
And present tense misery
Find faith, must we
Maintain faith, indeed

Revelation explains 
God measures, again
A times times time and a half
And bowls must fill up
A full measure
Then be poured out

The fullness of time

And a day that Abba knows
Not even the Son
But there is a day
There is One

Temptation skips
What I say, this:
Our waiting is precise
Our waiting is limited

Would He have us wait forever?
What says John?
Then we'd not be saved, never
Xcept for the cutting short
And light arrive:
Only by his mercy
Are we alive
And stay alive

Wait, my friend
Wait together
Wait, my friend
Wait whatever

To stand
This is our call
To stand

Don't wait to see
to stand
If you do
You'll never stand again

Decide to wait

For his time is measured
God wears a watch

I must tell more
Lest we forget:

He makes all things beautiful
In his time
All seasons are included
Not one baffles He
Who includes allowance
For every season
Death and life
Tears and joy
Dancing and pain
To each, 
The same measurement

Yet not all are the same
Some days
Some years
Some blinks
Some centuries

Israel's exile
Prior to Messiah
400 years




yet waiting is measured

In it's time He will hasten it
He is faithful and will do it
Started, so He'll finish it

For a time allowed
allotted and sure
how do we wait?
Patiently for sure

Can't wait anymore?
You can, wait.

Can we ask "how long?" 
I think we can
God says we can

Psalm 22
once and on the cross again
"My God, my God
Psalm 13
"How long, O Lord, How long?"

It's ok to ask
God gives grace
Put a plant to shade Jonah 
In that place

But test Him not
Forfeit not His grace
Who supplants and uproots 
The same plants once called grace

Don't think its strange
That you wait
Not a soul 'mong the billions
Hath not waited 'til now
Not a one hasn't been punished
Hasn't been disciplined

So wait. 
You can wait
You can. Wait.

How much is silver refined?
7 times.
And that's a good thing.
Rather be treasureless?
I didn't think so. 
7 times. 

Like Jericho. 

7 times around
Without a sound
Last time? 
Times seven
Walls fell down

Follow through. 
Child, be brave.
All have waited
You can wait

You can. Wait.

Groaning? sure. 
So are we
Cannot wait?
Wait, indeed.

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