I forgive you

I forgive you
by Joel Howard

John 20:22-23 "He breathed on them and said, if you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them, if you withhold forgiveness from any, it is withheld."

I forgive 
I forgive
I forgive this world
I forgive my sons
I forgive my daughters
I forgive my fathers
I forgive my mothers
I forgive my sisters
I forgive my brothers
I forgive my friends
I forgive my enemies
I forgive my superiors
I forgive my leaders
I forgive my country
I forgive my world
If anyone I've missed
I forgive them four fold
I forgive my spouse
I forgive my kin
I forgive them once
I forgive each again
And in place of bondage
To what I'd have them do
I turn and kiss
And say
"I forgive you"
Be released
Be free too
Friend and foe
I forgive now you
I forgive myself
I forgive you God
I forgive this world
For what it has not
And I curse the root
Of bitterness too
For all this world
Cannot do
For all this world
Will never for me do
I condemn my past
In its bitter pleas
For how it did not
Please just me
I condemn the ways
I complain again
And turn the other cheek
Now again
This road asked me
For just a mile
I turn and walk 
Two in style
I cannot hold
The sins of men
Against them
Against them

And as I turn
The other cheek
Like sinners 'fore
I now see
Jesus too says
I will neither condemn
You 'fore who
All now bend
And relinquish
Drop their stones
Now you're forgiven
Welcome home!

Now you're forgiven
Welcome home

Instead of pointing 
To others move
This one thing
I choose, I do

I'll mind my work
I'll go my way
And to others 
Once enemies I say

I cannot say
You must do
For me what only 
Christ must do

So friend, and foe
Whoever you
I forgive
Forgive now you

Yes I forgive
I forgive you

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