by Joel Howard

To abide
By your side
In you confide

To stay
Come your way
Every day

To comply
In you sigh:
"You not I"

To agree
To conform
and comply

To live
To stay 
and here reside

To sojourn here
and lodge here
then reside here, you to fear

To dwell
To hang on to with all I am
and to wait with steadfastness

I adhere
I will stick with you
and always persevere with you, for you

To submit
To knuckle under
To be ok with your words

To contemplate you
then support what you do
and to obey only you, too

To surrender always to you
To your will withstand
To inhabit the land

To populate
To dwell there
with an "it is well" here
deep in here

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