by Joel Howard

You're the protagonist in my story
I arrived on the scene you had set for me
You the author, before there was me
I, your arch-enemy, forsook your esteem
You're the protagonist in my story

Enmity with God, I was the villain
Antagonist me
Scorned all your love
Forgot you made me
Chose to oppose
Left you, my King
I, the antagonist, secondary me

You, the protagonist
Saved now me
Wrote in the story, not about me
You, superhero
Little old me

I must emphasize 
I couldn't be
Nearly as good as a savior as Thee
Cursing, I faulted
Disqualified me

But this the good news
The story is of you, by you, for you
Protagonist You
Hero and Heroine You
Biggest You
Included me
Safeguard me
Cut me into the deal from your hand
Put a spot for me in Your land
Graced me with a glance from your eye
Became my goal, my worth, my prize

Loving you is enough
Without you I die
Protagonist You
Secondary I
Protagonist You
Recipient I
Hero are You
Thankful am I

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