by Joel Howard

This is our fear:
All of our fear
It is this
Not knowing why
Or how or when
But this deep pain
Here within

How did we get here? 
We don't see it
We just experience
Much of it
Hole like a canyon
Pain like grit
Far from satisfaction

We can't control it
Fill it, or win
Nor will it away
Cannot escape 
Nor longer numb it
Can't seem to shake it
Can't now deter
This void within us
Deep, under

Father, come show us
That it is you
You are the reason
We come unglued
You are the one
Who made us for
Yourself, O Father
Thus we now mourn

Jesus, our bridegroom
Let us confess
Let us remember
Your love is best
And as a nation
Cause us to repent
Cause us to remember
People, it's Him!
Only He fills it
Come, now let Him!

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