Joseph’s job

Joseph’s job
By Joel Howard

So often has this thought
Left me in perpetual haunt
Jesus savior, Mary’s womb
But just what does Joseph do?
This regret, so deep a loss
Made me search for Joseph’s job
For if Joseph’s dreams came true
I could then find purpose, too
So with meaning on the line
I read the gospel close this time
There was Gabriel, Mary too
But Joseph’s: what are we to do?
So familiar with unending thought
I’m not the Giver, so what’ve I got?

Then I read of David’s line
Joseph’s name - one of a kind
That God would lend to man the role
Of fathering Jesus - That is gold!
I read of Joseph’s faithfulness
His devout uprightness
Of keeping God’s commands all times
Integrity this man defined
Of forcing not his pride when
God conceived his wife instead
Not giving up though failure loomed
When all the landlords had no room
Stead faithfully by her side came
Strong to see the baby laid
Journalist to shepherd’s visit
Awed, marveling just to hear it
Grinned, no doubt, wept for awe
Kings afar when gifts they brought

I think that the job of man
Just like Joseph, is to stand
Not to win a God-like prize
But to serve, and for Him die
To be strong, and that afar
To take notes, to gaze, to awe
Ours as men to worship is
Just the job, like Joseph’s giv’n
To carry names that are not ours
To go with loved ones near and far
To give and give unseen when
The Giver wants to enter in
To lay down pride and instead of sin
Silent, far, to give again
Joseph’s job? For God to win!
Ours too, should we let Him

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