Intercessor God

Intercessor God
by Joel Howard

Intercessor God
Wants our best
Ever breathes: 
"Live, live, live"

Other gods
Cannot lift
But an arm
"Dead, dead, dead."

Have we wants
Wishes and dreams?
His are more 
Who intercedes

Highest Priest
Goes between
Lives to help 
Defends our breed

Faithful God
Faithful friend
Help to those
He would defend

Jesus is
This holy one
Will not sleep
Til it is done

Have we foes
Who throw and swing?
Seek to kill?
Seek to sting?

Who hate our lives?
None desires more
Than Him
With love in store

Rest now child
Whose Maker's mark
You bear
The image of

Father, Son
Holy One
Who cares and cares
And knows and knows

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