The Irrelevancy of Perfection

The Irrelevancy of Perfection
by Joel Howard

Important to note along this junction
The complete irrelevancy of perfection
Forget arrival when you're beginning
The fundamentals not the winning

Let's say you're not where you're wanting
Let's say some desires are pending
Say you're not who you're becoming
That's the very point I'm making

If you find yourself confused
Not quite sure, not so huge
Small and seemingly diminished
Doesn't mean that you won't win it

Some give up prematurely 
Many lose heart in the waiting
Don't be like them; instead find courage
In what He says makes the difference

I believe that it's the holding
Onto that which seems out of reach
Yes the claiming of impossible
The receiving of His point of view

It's the fact that now ain't never
And that moments aren't forever
Point B is separate from others
Point C could be around the corner

Eyes down - on your own work
Forget the whispers of onlookers
This the irrelevancy of perfection
This requires little of our attention

Know the one who knows it all
That my friend keeps us from a fall
The fall of the distracted, the comparing
When into Creator's eyes we're staring

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