My job, your job

My job, your job
by Joel Howard

I'm caught in your grip
My face you lift
Maintaining my gaze
In just one place

My job? One thing
Just one thing

Behind my back
As I am on your lap
You pay my bills
Clean up spills
You do your will
While I am simply still

My job? One thing
Your job? Everything

My job? Just one thing
Your job? Just about everything

Cancel my plans!
Take me as I am
Head against your chest
I do just this
My face, my arms
They're limp
Relaxed in awe
Asleep to all

My job? one gaze
Your job? All things, always

My job? One thing
This one, sweet thing

Even if I sleep
It is all things you keep
And that all includes me
Even as I sleep
And when I awake
My sovereignty you restrain
For it is no power anyway
Save to be weak 

My job? One thing
Your job? Everything

My loss? Nothing
My gain? All things

My loss? Nothing
My gain? My King

Find me evermore resting
Head on your chest
As you do the rest
Choosing what's best

You're behind me
With hands working
Beneath me
Your body
In front of me
Your chest
Above me
Your eyes
Around me
Your arms

I'm laying down
All others
Lovers, sisters, brothers
Fathers, mothers
You've stripped it all away
What's my job today?

My job? One thing
Your job? All things

Speak Lord 
I'm listening!

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