Every day prodigal

Every day prodigal
by Joel Howard

Every day prodigal
I keep coming back
I can't get over 
My utter lack
I'm used to returning
Each day and again
Aware of my weakness
Aware of my sin

Every day prodigal
The temptation creeps
To steal what is God's
And say to him, 'peace'!
To flee my abode
To run from the Source
Abandoning him
Who stands at the door

Every day prodigal
No need to move on
I can't stay away
From your love, my God
I'm coming home daily
I'm running back home
I get it! I can't make 
It through life on my own!

Every day prodigal
The needy are blessed
The poor find heaven
The pure, find rest
The ones who are jostled
For being homebodies
For staying with daddy
They are those who are lucky!

Every day prodigal
Do you get it my friend?
There is no magician
There is none who can contend
For Jesus alone, O my soul await
Train now to embrace him
For he stands at the gate
Die now to this world
And your reward will be great!

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