An invitation

An invitation
by Joel Howard

Prayer is an invitation
"come to my situation"
"heal this nation"
Prayer is an invitation

God the invitee
Us the sender
Holy petition
Genuine invitation

"Come in your fulness"
"Come make much of this"
"All low God now lift"
Prayer beckons him

Ask for an opening
When all doors are closing
Ask for a healing
When all seems sickening

Ask for the gentle
When signs point to harsh
Ask for mercy
When signs point to discipline

Ask for favor
When rejection looms
Ask for mercy
When signs point to doom

Bend down on knees
With Father plead
How low can it be?
That low will he meet

Father, forgive us
Father, cleanse us
Jesus, forgive us
Jesus, cleanse us
Spirit, undo us
Spirit, fill us
Godhead, forgive us
Godhead, renew us

Spirit revive us
Heaven, come to us
Jesus, renew us
See, you're invited
Jesus, come to us
See, we're ready

This invitation
To our situation
Inflate the deflated
The sleeping, awaken
The sinner, forgive him
The madman, come to him
And breathe such renewing
That none can contend it

Father, we're asking
Jesus, we're pleading
Spirit, we're begging
Come, we're inviting!

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