What you do matters

What you do matters
by Joel Howard

What you do matters
Not what comes after
The now not the latter
What you do now matters

Don't climb the ladder
Of bigger and better
No quick arrival
Rushing, our rival

What you see now counts
Take note, pray about it
What you feel pertains
To what He would say to you

Ask not for a new day
Put in the this day
Do good in the best way
All we have is today

As long as the sun
Is up and as long
As the calendar reads
"Today", you will see

Eternity offers no rewind
Hell will be full of those who cry
"Oh had we one precious sunrise
One chance to realign!
Had we one moment
To consider, and repent!!"

Choose you this day
Whom you will serve
What you do today
Child, it matters
What you do today
Friend, it matters

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