Last chance

Last chance
by Joel Howard

This day might be our last
We've been given
One last chance
"Not so!"
Some may say
Presuming upon
Another day

This day might be your last
This may be 
Our last chance

Favor comes
Favor goes
We underestimate
The One who knows

The song may close
Ending the dance
This may be 
Our last chance

Too many say
"Pending, pending" 
Not knowing 
It all could be ending

Point not fingers
That we next would do
God would ask
"How about you?"

Fear not man
O child, repent
This could be
The very end

Live each day
As if it were your last
Love the hardest
Strive to bless

Do peace like never before
To the poor, hate to ignore
Give like it counts
Worship like you mean it

This could be
All things' last ago
Think to yourself
How do I want to go?

I believe now's not the end
And that's why
I say again: 

Last chance: 
What'll it be?
"The world", says God
"Or Me?"

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