by Joel Howard

It is not I who live
But Christ in me
When he died
He took on sin for me
A gentile
He grafted in
I did not deserve life
I deserved punishment

The beauty of it all
Is that it is not works
But just by believing
Upon hearing the word
Just by hearing
And saying "I do"
Like a lover who asks
For the hand of his love

That's how you treat me
I'm your wooed one
Not because I asked you
Heaven asked me
Not my pursuit
But yours, God, of me

I will not go back
And pretend I am loved
Because of my deeds
Because of my perfection

What perfection?
Only in hearing
Your love for me
Your love I am fearing

Galatians makes perfect sense to me
And perfectly calms
The storm in me

Galatians speaks of 
His love for me
And warns me not to touch
What is already free
Warns me not to pay 
For what he bought already

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