by Joel Howard

Step by step
A little at a time
Countercultural move
A downward climb
Deeper by gratitude
Further from pride
Face filled with joy
On my downward climb

Year after year
Memories in mind
God's faithfulness
His hand in mine
Jesus descended
Now do I
Hands lifted in praise
On my downward climb

They hated him
They hate me the same
Hidden in him
My identity, my name
Following Jesus through
Heavy and light alike
Rejoicing always
On my downward climb

Can't see the end from here
Won't know until then
How much gold came from
The fire I'm in
How much fruit, how much life
As I lay down and die
All the way to the finish
On my downward climb

As I walk streets above
Meet the saints, I'll find
That the pattern of God
Yes his name, was alike
For us all he was faithful
He missed not in perfect sight
Saw each little obedience
From his throne on high

All the angels and creatures
Long to look, they sigh
"How majestic is God!"
As they tremble inside
How God lifts the lowly
How God loves his Bride
Now seated above
Now seated him beside
Reigning with him forever
Once low, now high
Once faith, now sight

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