C&U Stories: an exclusive interview with Impact Harvest

A God-sized Story and Movement you won't want to miss!!

Harry and Valerie Behrens
Founder and President, Impact Harvest

Here at C&U we relish the stories of people on a journey with God. I often say, "watch out for people who are doing what they do because they cannot NOT do it!"  Harry and Valerie Behrens, Founder and President of Impact Harvest, New Jersey, USA; are undoubtedly examples of this type of passion, dedication and gifting.  

This summer, they came to my neighborhood at the heart of Millville, NJ, Cumberland County. And they came loaded - I mean LOADED with fruits and veggies!  Watch our monthly C&U feature story; this month focusing on their journey with God, and be inspired to take your own call to follow God seriously.  And, hey. While you're at it - why not join as a regular donator or team volunteer for an upcoming season of theirs?  

Watch the interview, click their links and follow them on social media to stay informed!  This is one story and movement you do not want to miss!   - Joel Howard, Connected and Useful

Listen to an exclusive interview with Harry Behrens, President and Founder of Impact Harvest (impactharvest.org) as a part of our monthly featured stories at Connected and Useful! In this in-depth, behind the scenes conversation, you will discover:

~ The story behind Impact Harvest ~
~ All about the 2021 Season in Millville, NJ, USA ~
What's next for Impact Harvest; and most importantly, How can you get involved? 

Visit impactharvest.org for more details on how to get plugged in today! Click here now to become a regular financial supporter or to make a one-time donation to the organization! Support Impact Harvest through Amazon Smile!

View the latest news from Impact Harvest at their newsletter tab or follow them on Facebook and subscribe to their e-mail list today! 

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