by Joel Howard

Too many of us feel 
Lost and deflated
Our sins, our doubts
We, less than elated
Forlorn, dejected
Past expiration
Lacking, wanting

The warm, subtle glance
Of a father who's waited

The gentle, soft touch
Of a mother's affection

The love of a friend
Who is closer than others

The preference of them
A word of affirmation

The chaos of life
Prevents our connection

The devil creeps in
And lobs his objection: 

"You?" he does laugh
And then snitches an answer:

"You're just old news"
And he roars with his laughter

We think we're goners
We think we're rejected

Then God comes through
With his deepest affection

"Child, you're mistaken
If you think you're missing

If you're 'alone' there's
one thing you're forgetting

I saved you with precious blood
that of Jesus'"

Then he removes all the doubt
That's between us

"Come sit right here
Lay your head on my breast

Jesus will give you the love
That is best"

Suddenly you and I feel
Divine affirmation
Holy anointing
Divine appreciation

In older days, we sunk 
Again in our shame

But through Christ
He speaks the "amen" once again!

Tough luck, ol' Satan!
You've no grip on me

I'm called the apple 
Of the One King of kings!
With his love upon me
I have no need for thee!

I'm the dark of your eye
Oft obscure, surely hidden
Yet darker the blood
That makes me the forgiven

Lost we together
Yet one day in heaven
Perfectly spotless
The Bride, the forgiven
Yes, yes!
I am living

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