This Peter, this Paul

This Peter, this Paul
by Joel Howard
see the book of Acts

This Peter, this Paul
Denied Christ, despised God
Is this the people 
Is this the kind
You chose 
You'd find?

This the messenger
This the one
Failed thrice
Killed ones
Is this the follower
kindled fire
All the earth
To inspire?

Failure helped
Boldness channeled
This the foundation
Of heaven's helper
This Peter, this Paul
Once the least
Now incredibly useful

Lest the world
Think she denied
Once to many
She will find
Lest the man
Who cursed God
Think he small
Too small to climb

This the Peter
This the Paul
The saint and sinner
In us all
No persona
No individual
Has gone too far
To bounce from fall

To leap from ashes
To climb from pain
To regain ground
And live again
This the Peter 
This the Paul
The saints whose Savior
is Lord of all

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