The Wisdom of Worship

The Wisdom of Worship
by Joel Howard

It's wise to worship
Brave to not know
It's wise to worship
Throw ourselves at the throne

It pays to give praise
Though we can't see
Instead of scoffing
In blind faith, believe

A challenge it is
When others around
Say it's ok
To lay worship down

Say that the best thing
Humans can do
Is lose faith in Jesus
To just worship "you"

It's wise to raise hands
And call on his name
To kindle a fire
Of love for his fame

Though others will forfeit
When temptation pleas
Still it is wiser
To fall on our knees

The wisdom of worship
To love Abba's name
To boast in Christ
And scorn the shame

The wisdom of this
Age old song
The wisdom of worship
Will make you strong
So worship the Savior
All day long!

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