The terror of affirmation

The terror of affirmation
by Joel Howard
Acts 10:1-8

Faithful, faithful 
All these days
Generous in all your ways
Now you see
This light
It pains 
Your eyes
You stare
You stare, amazed

This the terror of affirmation
Wonder-struck by 
Face to face with affirmation
Your works are
Known in heaven

This to little ones abroad
And ones round here
The saints who trod
Without a nod
'Other ones
Without a nod

When terror strikes
To some, to many
Neath the rubble
Of condemning
Some will face
Another fright
Face to face
With affirm's light

Chosen good
When others bad
Some regrets
To others, glad

You may feel him 
Stare and then
Strikes again

Full dumbfound
Full commendation
This the terror
of affirmation

Nothing you can do about it
Grace has found you
Tell about it!
Grace surrounds you
Tell about it!

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