The risk of living

The risk of living
by Joel Howard

I took a risk 
Awakening today
I first rose up
Call it "risk", I may

Waking up
I must convince
Is for sure
Quite the risk

I took a risk
In opening eyes
I took that risk
The risk of life

Looking out
And seeing men
Is quite the risk
I say again

Fear of people
Fear of action
Breeds cowardice,
The strife of the passive

Holding grudges
Leaves you hopeless,
The fear of living

Man, I know
I've been there weeping
Wishing I had strength
For giving
Wishing I had hope
For living

I took a risk
In helping men
I lifted hands
To strengthen them

Feeling things
That others feel
Is a risk
A risk, for real

Many are the risks when
You and I contemplate a friend
Go to work, minister
Risks a many we find there

Grows the fear, 
though, instead
Of sitting back, 
skipping when

You remember, 
I recall
The missing out
Is worst of all

Feeling as though we would do
What we'd do after thinking it through
In retrospect we all regret,
Wish that we could try again

Ride your bike
and you will see
You cannot go when 

Fly a kite
It won't fly
If we don't release it
To the sky

Call a friend
Show up, then
You will see
Risk is not the end

Wheels a moving
Kite a flying
Laughter, crying
Living, dying

Are not so bad
If at the least
You DID take
That risk indeed

Did not stay
In final place
May not be first
No not today

But you made friends
Along the way
You grew older
And paved the way

For younger ones
Who up to see
At you looked
To find and seek

"Is it worth it?"
They now ask
Look around
You'll see at last

That when you take 
A risk in life
Young ones ride bikes
And their kites fly

At watching how 
You took a risk
It is worth it
Just for this!

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