Victory by association

Victory by association
by Joel Howard

I got victory in every situation
Says king David, king of the nation

How did I do it? you may be asking
This by knowing, seeking, asking

Not all winning had a visible beginning
I began knowing - thus came the spoil collecting

Fore the matter filled dancers with laughter
Fore the press covered it
Fore the integrity sprouted into victory
I was spending time with Thee

Bears - no glory
Lions - hardly
Healthy, ransomed sheep - worth scoffing

Singing harpwise - in secret
My love for God was easy to forget
Easy to neglect
But now you ask me 
How did you get!?
How did victory you beget!?

Now you ask me 
So I will ask the tree
How did he get leaves?
How did  she grow twigs?
How did battles get booty?
How did spoil come to thee?
Now I will tell you

I got it because I know him
Looked up and sought him
Back when all seemed lost 
Back when all was grim
I was spending time with Him

It won't matter now
If you last-minute seek depth
And I can't give you 
How I know Him

You have to start early, knowing Him
You have to fall deeply in love with Him

He must be your king 
Before you ask him
For victory

He must be your love
Before you ask him
For victory

He must be your lord
Before you ask him
For movement

Witchcraft doesn't apply
Manipulation? Oh my!
No controlling the king
Not this king

You win because you know him
Victory by association

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