Long, drawn-out victory

Long, drawn-out victory
by Joel Howard

drawn-out: adj. lasting or seeming to last longer than is necessary (Oxford dictionary)

When David fought Goliath
When that giant fell
David took the man's sword
And used it to kill

No sword in his hand, 
David had come
No pride to keep him
No loss to fear

Passed king Saul, who
Sat comfortably back
Passed his own brothers
Who treated him with wrath

"What manner of man
Is this out-of-place foe
Who for 40 days taunts us?
Will no man go?"

Forfeited the chance to
Hold kingly swords
But ended up using
The giant's to warn

All of us who fear
And despise what is small
All of us who despise
The weak and the frail

But those same brothers
And that same king
Who told him "you can't"
They would now scream

For joy as the man 
They feared most of all
Fell by a stone
By the despised one, fall

I love how the people
Of God turned to kill
And chase the Philistines
Past the furthest hill

From city to city
From town to town
Even when the wounded
Fled, further they'd fall

And as if that weren't enough
David's men now
Took Giant spoil
David took the head

So in heaven
And here on earth
The victory lasts
Longer than Energizer
Longer than that!
For we, the victors
We the enthroned
Though our ashes-season
Seemed years long

'matter what has come
Longer will be the joy
'matter what was fought
Greater the spoil

As David and Israel
So we will be
Rejoicing forever
For all eternity

Rubbing it in?
Yes, forever
Basking in Jesus
Forever and ever

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