Layers of sorrow

Layers of sorrow
by Joel Howard

Paint a picture
Buried deep
Is the tone of suffering
Sorrow 'neath
Every piece
David knew 
As he'd flee

Place to place
No real kin
'xept the ones
Following him
Ones in debt
Ones in need
Ones with souls 
of suffering

I hate to open 
And read his book
I hate to go there
I hate to look
Because his suffering
And his pain
Was his then
And is mine again

Like an onion
Like a hill
Like a full cup
Ready to spill

Mine and his
David and mine
Is the same
The same, I find

Pain too deep
Sorrow, for words
Cries so deep
Oft unheard

A cry for God
Who alone wins
I can't run
Away from Him!

I can't flee, 
Tho I am hid
Can't escape
The voice of Him!

The presence
And the justice of 
A God who loves
The ones who flood

Each night their own 
Beds with tears
To them He listens
To them He's near

This my encouragement
To all alone
To all in grief
To all at home

Find in God 
In layers three
Or four or five
Or more, maybe

Find in God
The constant peace
For whe're you go
There is He
Whe're you go
There is He

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