How to win

How to win
by Joel Howard

There is one recipe for victory
Says Jesus
You and me
I'm telling you
This is victory
You and me
Friendship is victory
Helpmate to me you see
Bride to the King you see
Wars are complete in me

It doesn't go well when you
Go it alone
You do
Go it alone
Its true you
Go it alone
That's why
You lose

Thoughts true you tell me
Not sure? Come to me
Sinned? Guilty? Come to me
Overwhelmed? Come to me

Your secrets
Aren't safe with me
I must know them: Integrity

I desire inner truth
In the deepest parts of you
But lest you think this to be bad news
It's actually brilliant: 

When you choose to fall on me
Before breaking you
You get victory
And I get you!

When you cast your cares on me
I get glory
And you go free!

When tens of thousands of enemies
Come at you, Call to me!
They get punished
You go free!
I get victory!

When silence hurts
Trust me
This your cue: 

Live from your heart
Not by what you see
This the key: 
Your hope in me

Far from me to make you sin
To make you fail
To make you disagree
But when you choose to follow me
That's when you get victory

Tell the truth
And you will see!

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