God who speaks

God who speaks
by Joel Howard

I awoke
Awake, distraught
But at peace:
God is a speaking God

Venting daily
Thoughts: a lot
God is a speaking God

Jeering, thinking
Having thoughts
Laughing, praying
A communing God

Intimate with friends
Scarcely un-talked
He won't keep silent
This speaking God

Fearfully making
Creative, this God
Magical words
This speaking God

For what idol crafted
Can move, let alone begot
All by his tongue? 
Is there a speaking god?

What god created
Can utter commands
Let alone uplift the dead
And create with one of them?

God is a thinker
God thinks a lot
Sand on the seashore
Type of thinking God

Lest we think we
Outsmart this God
Let us remember
He breathes! He's God

Into man's nostrils
Out of man's side
Woman and man
Created, alive!

Speaks to the wind
And speaks to the waves
Speaks to the dead
To come out of their graves!

Speaks and the devil
The evilest one 
Burns in an instant
Thrown suddenly down

Forever and ever
God never begun
Never intermissioned
Never will be done

Wisdom is Jesus
Wisdom is God
Plethora of speeches
But this God is one

One before ages
One before time
One in this instant
One, none beside!

Speak to him never
Approach not his throne
Lest you be silenced
Save mercy alone

Jesus the Author
Jesus the End
Christ, the Beginning
He never bends

He never changes
But he says again
Plea now for mercy
I may relent!

God is a speaker
God uses words
God feels emotion
God's Spirit burns!

We are the mortal
We'll give account
Unto the Lamb who
Speaks ever now

He's interceding
Pleading for us
Pleading for beauty
Bridegroom to come

Youthful in vigor
Waviest hair
Dark as a raven
Youthful and fair

Strong as a warrior
Truest of friends
Blessed one forever
Coming again!

Honor and glory
Wisdom and strength
Be to Him only
Worship 'out end

Holy, O holy!
All angels cry
And all the elders
Endlessly sigh

Fall on their faces
So too will we
Speak praise forever
Sing eternally

Lest we forget
And think we can hide
He sees all things
With his own eyes

Does not he who
Formed eyes see?
Does he not measure
Our hearts indeed?

Does he not wisely
Judge all of men?
Will he not to him
Bring us again?

Will we not stand on
That golden shore?
Will we not bring our
Deeds to implore?

Has he not written
Each name in his book?
Will he not punish
Each evil, each crook?

Will he not bring his
Recompense there
To all whose deeds
Ring evermore fair!

Have we not a Shepherd
Have we not a King?
Who leads us forever!
Removes death's sting!

Are there not green pastures
Is His path not right
Does he not see darkness
The same as the light!

Is not pain momentary
Is not joy for e're!
Are saints not awaiting
In heaven up there?

Is there not a mansion
Prepared just for you?
And I who by faith
Persevere the night through!

Will he not pay back 
In this life in next
Those who have lost brothers
And fathers for Him?

Will Jesus not wipe
Every tear from our eyes
Is this life not final
Life after we die!

So listen now closely
In silence, now wait
For that Day is coming
For heaven we wait!

Raise your eyes when evil
Seems to now prevail
And follow each promise
And his name now hail

For Jesus, immortal
Invisible One
Will shine in our darkness
Will light like the sun

Upon each one's path
Who looks to his word
Each prayerful servant
Will walk undeterred

Your foot will not stumble
Your sorrow will cease
So look now to Jesus
Look to Him who speaks!

Great things he has promised
Great things are in store
So trust him alone
Make your footsteps sure

Our God is a God who 
Is never off-guard
Never draws blanks
Never alarmed!

Grow in the knowledge
And grace of our Lord
Grow further and further
Reach for your reward

Our God speaks a promise
And promises when
We lift our eyes upward
He's coming again

Our God is the Alpha
Omega again
Author and finisher
Perfecter, Amen

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