Take what You've made (official music video) by Joel Howard

Take what You’ve made I don’t wanna hide it anymore You’re the Maker Here’s what You’ve given me On my own I see it won’t last If I say the words, they’re worthless They’re gone forever I am tired and everything’s passing by I don’t know my future But I still give You praise in my heart I see this life is not my own But You’ve made it so beautiful And since You have the plan I give You control of my life Walking in Your light Is the only life that’s true that lasts forever Take all I am I don’t want it anymore You are life so Here’s the life You’ve given me If all I want is to know who You are How much more do you want to be with me? Your love for me I see on the cross You are love Your love lasts forever, too Take all I lack I don’t want it anymore… Here's the life You've given me Here's the love You've given me... Here's what You've given me... Take what You’ve made ~ by Joel Howard © 2001-21 ~ All video used by permission from pexels.com. https://www.connectedanduseful.com

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