Sleep and denial

Sleep and denial
by Joel Howard

Peter O Lord
Denied you thrice
As he beckoned the followers
"As Christ, so I!" 
And the pomp in his piety
Was full impropriety
As Lord, he denied Thee thrice

Peter, O Lord
Slept in thrice
Far before denying Your life
Cultivated not
The value he held 
Followed not
The paradigm You held:

Not my will be done
O God, this hurts
But before I am anyone
Father, I'm Yours!

That Jesus prayed 
But the followers slept
I see a connection
I see a connect

That if Peter had prayed
That if Peter had awakened
That instead of his slumbering
He had spent hours praying
Keeping alive the flame of his Savior
Partnering secret with Jesus there

If he would have thrice enjoyed who He is
If he would have thrice satisfied every whim
Surrendered each worry, crucified his flesh
Maybe, just maybe, would he have had sense

And you and I too, here, at the end of the ages
If we would admit our lovesickness for Him
We should spend hourly seasons in quiet
Reminding our souls - Keeping Satan quiet

Chewing on every word that He says
Then we would ready our spirits, only then

To admit love for Jesus when it is counted criminal
To not be ashamed of Him when followers are minimal
To pour at his feet, not abandon Him when
Sleep and denial are trendy again
Sleep and denial were trendy once then

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