Man of sorrows by Joel Howard

And Oh man of sorrows And Oh king of tears Touch me with your heart of compassion Teach me to obey your tender heart It’s who you are And make me joyful! I wanna be joyful! Tenderness is easily overlooked Sorrow is often neglected But Jesus you know what it is To be both Men on earth forget their names Men on earth forget they’re worthy Image bearers of a holy God Give us the pure joy that you are! Faithfulness is overlooked Manliness is not an evil Teach us the full weight of glory Sadness is a part of each man’s story! Teach me the whole part of suffering Teach me God the mind of grief Tell me now the greater story What you began you will complete! Heaven is a place for sinners Who in Him have found a home Heaven’s not a place for well ones But for the sick and the sick alone! Words and music © 2021 Joel Howard; All rights reserved. Painting image not mine, used by permission. No copyright infringement intended.

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