by Joel Howard

Its not about quantity
But about proximity

Its not about productivity
But about connectivity

Never been about strength, you see
But You in me

More about quality
Abiding in Thee

Never been about maximization
But about staying in Your space and

Telling the world what
Comes from Your mouth

It can't be about increase or my space
But about His ways all my days

I delight in just staying with Jesus
Yes that's the very best

Caught in a tough decision?
Can't decide on what's right and what's wrong?

Cling further, stay longer
Not information but His face and

Find rest in His promise
Yes that's the preferable game-plan

Far better than striving
Is in Him abiding

Far better than counting
Is losing, then gaining

Losing all I am
And finding it again

Except this time in Jesus
Yes, friend, it's the best!

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