Promise of his presence

Promise of his presence 
By Joel Howard 

“God will surely visit you”
Exodus 13:19

No accident 
No mistake 
No coincidence 
Not a fake 
God’s presence 
Came here
As a sign 
That it be clear

For his glory 
Joseph made 
Israel swear
Bones to take
“One day God will visit you”
And he did
Visit you too!

Oh the promise 
Of God’s presence 
The delight
And reassurance 
Feasting on
And reliant 
On his everlasting goodness!

How we stake our lives on Jesus!
No mistake
It is his goodness 
We await 
It is his kindness 
We await 
It is his mercy
At the gate

And we’re aware
Of your presence here
Holy King
We won’t despair 
For you promise 
To be here
Your promise
Will be there

And you will 
Lead us out to glory…
Your presence 
Is our story 
What we have
What we’re beholding 
Lead us out to glory!

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