To some, to others

To some, to others
by Joel Howard

Your rod, your staff
To some means death

Your rod, your staff
To some means fear

Your arm, your strength
To some means separation

For me, a sign you're leading me
For me, the love that leadeth me
For us, our sure deliverance!

Your anger, your righteousness
To some means a woe to them

Your drawing near, your pertinence
To some means loss of life

Your discipline, your leadership
To some means damnation

For me, the hope of future grace
For me, the peace I need within
For us, the scent of heaven!

Your warning, your wisdom
To some means unpleasantness

Your fire, your jealous love
To some means condemnation

Your word, your speech
To some means hell's heat

For me, the stuff of second chance
For me, the best romance
For us, the gates of heaven!

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