Through the lattice

Through the lattice
by Joel Howard

"Behold, there he stands...looking through the lattice." 
Song of Solomon 2:9b, ESV

I was outside raking leaves
The Spirit said to me
It's no longer winter, It's spring
Funny, it seemed to me

So used to winter
I was ready
To dig even deeper

But he stands there
"This one is yours"
And I, guffawing 
Here, inwardly

I see you smiling
Beloved, Groom
I see you smiling
I smile at you

"This one is yours"
He says to me
Jump in, child
My partner, be

And I come quickly
Ignore not thee
And I come quickly
My yes to thee

You have my eyes
Though pain is great
Though weary been
My thoughts of late

Weary of solo
Going alone
But if you are with me
My Lord, I'll go

Through the lattice
I see your fire
Your eyes, your smile
"Come with me, child"

For me to live is Christ
And death is gain
No matter what the anger
No matter what the pain

Like Joseph, turn, 
and cry now tears
But come then out
And lead your sheep

Like Joseph, come
Come, do I
Through the lattice
Now nod I

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