The very best of boredom

The very best of boredom
by Joel Howard

As families, whether from the child or parent's perspective, life can be boring at home.  Monotony, routine, and the day-in and day-out of work around the house can seem...well, boring! 

Maybe that is why the younger son in the story of the Prodigal Son left home early! We all know the story: The father's inheritance would come later, but the younger son took the money and ran to find something exciting; and to find it now! 

I recently wrote a poem on the topic: 

I used to be bored
At my Father’s home
I used to be bored and 
Terribly alone
I didn’t belong
Or so I assumed 
“Boredom” was but 
An excuse to pursue 

A life somewhere else 
Packed my bags and ran off
Terribly confused
Not understanding the cost
Of a life apart from God 
Apart from home
Apart from grace
Apart from brothers and
Family who each new my name

But the boredom I thought was a curse
The boundaries I assumed were the worst
The failure I tended to feel
Was the normal I’d give anything for right now
The normal that every wise man talks about
The grace of a whisper and scarcely a shout
If home is that boredom 
God I want it now!
“Return to me son!” I hear You say out loud

It’s boring to rest
But it never runs out!
If boredom’s the best
Then God I want it now!

Whether you are bored of working, bored of the monotony of life at home, or uncomfortable with a reoccurring season in your life, Jesus reminds us that although not flashy, desert seasons can be those which draw us closest to his heart.  

Let us not leave home to find the "bigger" and "better" when Jesus wants to meet us in the monotony of the rhythms of our homes.  Come to him in prayer today and may you and your household find the "best of boredom" as you honor him there.  

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