Look back then ahead

Look back then ahead
by Joel Howard

I saw as I prayed
Early on yesterday

God turned my head back
Then ahead, after that

So I calmly retrace
My past from this place

Fear not what's to come
Fear not what's to come

No fear of bad news
No fear of bad news

Instead thank him
Thank you

For your promise
It is true

Each decade, each hour
My life in the past

Has proved you true
Has proved you who

Who all my failure
Who all my joys

Has watched me near
Since I was a boy

You touch me here
In prayer you do

Hug and embrace
Kiss and me hold

Aware of my breathing
Feeling each tear

Each sob each sigh
Meet your eyes with mine

My question, my yearning
You meet with your smile

You hold me God
You care for me too

As I clench my eyes closed
You see all things with yours

Not afraid of proximity
Not unsure of your words

Re-affirming me Jesus 
Hands empty are mine

When I meet with you here
You've nothing in hand

Though I want to open it
There nothing I find

I too am emptyhanded
I too am resting

My head does the work
Looking back then ahead

Come away my beloved
Come sit with me still

Hold hands with your Father
Hold hands, be still

Then, letting go of past cares
Holding hands with mine

You'll have what you need, child
You'll my path surely find

From there I send you
Your path surely find

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