The chariot

The chariot
by Joel Howard

Need for speed
I'll sleep when I die
I'll crash when I crash
None of this lasts
The chariot of the age is still
The need to have
The want, the chill
Of never getting quite enough
Selling short of truest love
The chariot of the age is still
The need to have
The need, the chill

Attached to speed
The thirst, it kills
To dig our own pits
To resist to be still
Armed for a reason
We know not still
Fighting to fight
We know not whom to kill
Until demise sets in at last
Killed by our own chariot
Killed so fast

Enamored by horses
Thrilled by the fast
How quickly it evades
For us our past
Doing until 
We're dizzy for sure
Dizzy runs its course
And we're thrown 
From that horse

A lesson in life
Horses be
A model for what
Not to be
A willingness to stop
Would make us truly go
Forfeiting pride
Would take us truly high
Surrendering to 
Our truest need
Connecting today
My Lord with Thee

The value of secrecy
Making choices independently
Living carefully
Trust in Jesus
For all to see

Abandon chariots
Abandon horses
Trust in Jesus:
The Truest of Courses

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